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Customers Say...

"Kurt VanderSluis helped The Leader make an almost complete conversion to the OS X operating system from one end of our building to the other. The conversion involved a dozen computers, 15 employees, two major new software applications for work that forms the heart of our business. Kurt’s expertise, his comprehensive approach to a system-wide upgrade, his calmness and willingness to trouble-shoot were all keys to our success. I will continue to rely upon him and highly recommend him to others."

Scott Wilson
Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

“In the midst of computer crisis and chaos, Kurt was always responsive, reassuring, and above all, CALM! With no computer experts in our small non-profit office, knowing that Kurt and a solution is just a call away is always a great relief.”

Stephanie Reith
Executive Director, Jefferson Land Trust

"I would recommend Kurt for anyone with computer needs. He fixed my problem and got me up and running smoother in a timely manner and was very fair with his pricing. I also go to Kurt for advise on current or new computer systems, he's my 'go to' guy."

Tina McCleese
Flores-McCleese Accounting and Consulting Services

Campaigns can be very fast paced. When a deadline is approaching and the computer is a dinosaur and on the fritz, who ya gonna call? We called Kurt. He's quick on the response, thorough in his repairs.

Connie Ross and David Sullivan

Kurt is a marvel and god-send to those of us who grew up in the era when human telephone operators dialed the number you wanted and we continue today to still have one and a half feet in the B.C. age (before computers). Kurt advised us as our aging Mac exhibited odd symptoms, fixed it on a number of occasions and after it¹s demise helped us to choose an appropriate replacement. He set the whole system up and is always quick to respond both cheerfully and calmly when we call to ask him questions. Kurt represents the best part of Port Townsend businesses, ones that put the costumer first and go out of their way to truly help.

Judy and Jim Tough

"Gadzooks! Talk about being complete neophytes. We didn’t even know the questions to ask. Nothing. Basically tolerated (detested…) computers, but wound up in a business setting where we needed to make leaps and bounds forward – fast. Much thanks to Kurt for being able to spot how slow we were going to be at the start. We’re so far along so fast that it has gotten hilarious to us already. Kurt has stayed a phone call away on a litany of insurmountable problems like changing ink cartridges in a printer. Here’s a large vote of confidence for anyone who just needs to dump the whole thing on someone. Kurt is one-stop-shopping, and he delivers!"

Keith Glover & Christi Killien, Dragonfly Retreat

“We have a mixed computing environment (Apple/Windows) so it was great to find someone who knew both systems and could also help us with a network problem that had been plaguing us for a long time. Kurt came over right away and fixed all of our problems in about a half hour. We couldn’t believe it! I wish that we hadn’t waited so long to call him.”

Ann Mullin
Sound Investments

I most certainly would like to attest to my satisfaction with your attending to my computer needs. You have coped with my computer “illiteracy” and bailed me out whenever I have foundered. You have tried to educate me, and have even had some success in that regard (against great odds). When talking of you, I refer to you as “my computer wizard” – and as my friend.

Vivian Hayter
Choral Director, Unity Church of Port Townsend